Frequently Asked Questions

Our team at Foodini is excited for you to download the app and start matching your dietary profile with restaurants. If you have any questions we haven’t published below, please email us at and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

FAQs App Users

Will Foodini add more dietary requirements or food intolerance options to the app? I have a food allergy or diet that isn’t on the list.

Yes. Feel free to email us if you have a suggestion that isn’t currently on the list!

Not currently, however we do include links to the restaurants and businesses website and third party delivery sites (Uber Eats,
Deliveroo etc) to make it easy for you to order quickly.

Most definitely. The community relies on its members providing honest feedback on restaurants and businesses so that they can make an informed decision on whether a restaurant is suitable for them.

No – Foodini has a great range of businesses who do not have a physical location but who home delivery amazing products ranging from vegan meal kits, to delicious cakes to Australia’s best GF donuts!

If your allergy is serious you should always tell the restaurant staff and double check with the restaurant regarding the risk of cross contamination or any other risk in food preparation.

Foodini aims to help people make a more informed and educated decision on where and what they can eat. Our restaurant and business partners provide us with information on their menu items and ingredients, and our Australian registered dietitian reviews this information to help ensure its accuracy.

While Foodini aims to ensure the accuracy if the information available on our website and application, we rely on our partners providing us with accurate and up-to-date information, and as such we cannot guarantee that the information is true and accurate, and this information should therefore be treated as a guide only.

Yes! You can have multiple dietary profiles for your family / friends or just for yourself if you want to try avoid different foods atdifferent times.

This means that the item is not suitable for your dietary profile and that you should avoid it.

This means that the item can be amended by the restaurant to make it suitable for your dietary profile. Click into the item to see further details on what ingredients can be substituted to make it suitable.

A matched item means that it is suitable to eat for the specific dietary profile which is searching.

The registered dietitian reviews the restaurants menus and ingredients list and onboard the information to our platform, ensuring that all allergens are correctly tagged. The registered dietitian also does due diligence on any selected “features” to ensure the restaurant is in fact compliant.

Restaurants who are accepted onto the Foodini platform need to comply with certain minimum standards. Those that are accepted send their menu and ingredients list to our registered dietitian who reviews every item, ingredient and allergen to ensure the information is correct. We also review for specific features such as cross-contamination and food preparation.

FAQs Restaurants

Do I get ongoing support from the registered dietitian?

Yes, our team of dietitians will be available to support your business as required.

Foodini will support your business on an ongoing basis by providing you with ongoing access to our registered dietitian as required, ongoing social and email marketing promotion, access to special offers and discounts through our partners and access to our amazing community of influencers and business partners as required.

No, all you need to do is send us your menu and ingredients list! We then onboard your menu to our portal and send you the login details for your review.

No, in fact it’s simple! All we need from you is your menu and ingredients list – our registered dietitian does the rest!

Foodini will drive more customers to your business, save you time dealing with allergy related queries, and will promote your business through our various marketing channels.

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